Our Stance On Safety Is Simple:

It’s The Single Most Important Aspect Of What We Do.

CSI’s commitment to safety in the workplace begins long before the actual job. In addition to orientation for new hires, foremen, and superintendents, CSI holds weekly safety meetings for employees and supervisors. On the job site, safety conditions are constantly monitored and extensive project safety inspections are conducted weekly by the operations manager. Our attention to training translates to exemplary, award winning safety performance and guarantees you the safest workplace possible.

Any CSI employee has the authority to stop any phase of the project if it is considered harmful to any individual or to the environment.

Employee involvement is critical to a successful and safe work environment. That’s why CSI has worked hard to developed a Safety Program using OSHA & Petroleum Industry standards with assistance from various other companies, employees and suppliers. The program effectively addresses a variety of different work tasks while still having the flexibility to meet site-specific applications.
We diligently maintain this comprehensive Safety System that is reviewed and modified on a regular basis.

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